Beyond the Blue Mountains – Lithgow


The township of Lithgow lies at the base of the western side of the Blue Mountains. It is the first major country town beyond the Sydney city limits. Populated by deciduous trees, many of the streets are tinted red and gold in the cooler months. The town is reputed to be one of the few major cities to even see snow in the right conditions.

Lithgow offers a unique view of the Great Dividing Range from a number of nearby lookouts including Hassans Walls, which is the highest lookout in the Blue Mountains (approx 1100 metres above sea level).

To get to Lithgow there are only two routes that cut across:

The Great Western Highway; threads through all the major townships of the Blue Mountains, but is a proverbial car park from dawn to dusk. Unless you are aiming to check out the Three Sisters or Wentworth falls on the way, I’d advise against taking this route.

Bells Line of Road; a popular tourist drive enabling one to cross the rugged Blue Mountains with minimal fuss. To top it off there are many places to stop including the iconic Pie in the Sky Roadhouse and Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.


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