Beyond the Blue Mountains – Wolgan Valley

About an hour away from Lithgow lies the Wolgan Valley. Home to  remnants of the Newnes Oil Shale mine, this is same mine that created the glow worm tunnels at Newnes Plateau. Despite the mine having been closed for a very long time, the area is still accessible to the public having been incorporated as a campground within the Wollemi National Park.

Access to the campground is a tricky undertaking with rockfalls being a regular occurrence on the road into the valley. In addition the last 10kms of road are unsealed.

The site itself is surrounded by sheer cliffs and dense forest that works to create a unique atmosphere. The National Parks Service were conducting hazard reduction burns while I was there, which created this dense haze that obscured most of the surroundings. I couldn’t help but get Jurassic Park vibes. Fortunately there were no bloodthirsty raptors, only shy wallabies.

My favorite part about going to campsite like this is the disconnection from the world. No phone calls, emails or snaps to get tied up over. From the moment you roll into the valley, the phone reception disappears. I only stayed a single night but if you are looking for a longer camping experience I feel one could spend up to three days here with no issue.

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