To Tumut

Four hours of the Hume Highway, three espressos, two pit-stops and a “Dog on a Tuckerbox” led to one of the most picturesque runs I have done to date. Why drive for four hours from Sydney? I hear you ask? When heading a southwesterly direction you come across a plethora of vistas: the dense bushland of the Sydney outskirts gives way to rolling plantation forests of the Southern Highlands, which then turns to sweeping plains followed by rugged hills as one approaches the Australian Alps.

On this particular trip Tumut was but a pit-stop itself for the main event, driving the epic Snowy Mountains highway. A 180km stretch of winding road through the Kosciusko National Park. I will elaborate on this part of the journey in a my next post.

Leaving the drudgery of the Hume I came across this gem of a route through the most scenic countryside I have seen. Flanked by parched fields it seemed as though the road had been draped across the hills. The trees in the late changing of the seasons where a gradient of reds, oranges and browns. It seemed like something out of a classical landscape painting.

Tumut itself was a great little town, yielding it’s own unique landscapes thanks to the vantage point that looked over the surrounds. I couldn’t resist stretching my astrophotography legs and attempting to catch some stars. Unfortunately my run of bad luck with such photos continued and I had to make do with brief gaps in the clouds that  only started appearing as I made my way to the lookout.

Having come to terms with my situation I called it a day and prepared for the impeding trek the next day.

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