Return to the Snowys

This run was a long time coming. After working a extended period of shifts that wrote off any chance of inter-city travel I was very keen to get out of Sydney. Even if only for a weekend I was going to make those 72 hours count.

My destination was the town of Jindabyne, the gateway to the snowfields and Australia’s highest peak. This run would involve a brief stop in Canberra before traversing the Monaro Highway and Kosciusko roads. Being on the other side of the Australian snow season there were little crowds both in transit and in Jindabyne itself.

However the weather decided put on a show as a substantial storm cell moved over the region. The clouds had began to gather by the time I reached Cooma. After a short rest stop the rains began as I passed the town limits. Fortunately no sooner had I left I spied a nearby lookout where I was able to capture the progression of this weather…then both the chilling cold and ominous thunder suggested that I move on.

Rolling closer towards my destination I faced patches in the weather, which yielded some great roadside shots. Upon arriving in Jindabyne I couldn’t resist the urge to push on further into the mountains. While I wasn’t anticipating any snow related delays I aimed for the Thredbo side of the alps where the roads were a little bit more accessible. This route yielded a pleasant surprise as I spied snow on the edge of the valley. As I approached Thredbo Village I resolved to attempt to get to the top of the Valley to see the views. However, the inclement weather had shut down any means short of hiking to ascend to the top. Not wanting to leave empty handed I was able to get some landscapes in between the torrential downpour that seemed to follow me on my trip.

Whilst this run is doable in a single day one way, I’d advise taking the time to pace out the journey. Canberra is a little off the track but serves as a good launching point. The Monaro Highway/Kosciusko Road can be a tiring run even with breaks as it runs through a featureless section of countryside.

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