Great Ocean Road Odyssey Revisited II (Surf Coast/Ocean Road)

If there’s one thing from this trip I’ll never forget it was the sensation of cold on my first night. I had rolled into the town of Torquay (just clocking over 1000km/621mi), it was overcast and the winds were raging. No amount of layering could stop an icy chill that I caught whilst stretching my legs in this town.

The dawn of the new day was a slight improvement with brief bursts of sun lighting up the substantial swell. Just minutes down the road is the famous Bells Beach. A surfing hotspot and home to world’s longest running surf competition.

From then on the coastal road eventually turns into the Great Ocean Road, which is the largest war memorial in the world. It was originally dedicated to the Australian Soldiers who were killed in the first World War. A sobering thought as the road has now given rise to many established towns along the way.

Of all the sights that this scenic drive offers (Split Point Lighthouse, Teddy’s Lookout and Great Otway National Park) the most breathtaking landmark for me was the Twelve Apostles, which serves as an unofficial endpoint of the Great Ocean Road. A number of enormous limestone stacks stand detached from the mainland. Despite the dim weather that seemed to follow me from Torquay, those formations were still as impressive as they appear in any other weather.

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