Woolwich Dock

On the precipice of Sydney’s affluent North Shore lies a suburb seemingly forgot by the rest of the city. Nestled on the peninsula between the Lane Cover and Parramatta Rivers Woolwich provides a near head-on view of the Harbour Bridge without the crowds normally associated with such lookouts.

At its Easternmost tip is an unassuming dock that has entertained a number of purposes over the decades. When it first opened in 1901 it held the title for the biggest dry dock in the country at 188 metres (617 ft) long and 27 metres (89 ft) wide. In World War 2 it served as a base to convert passenger ships into armed troopships.

Following the War, it became vacant until the Australian Army purchased the facility for the maintenance of their watercraft until 1997. Much debate took place about its future including the prospect of commercial development. However in 2001 the site was handed over to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for preservation and future management.

The dock itself is open to the public, one is able to walk through from neighbouring Clarks Point Reserve. On a day with clear skies you’ll be faced with great views of the Harbour Bridge, Cockatoo Island and the CBD itself.

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