Hometown Challenge III

Ultimo – Sydney – 2020

What a ride this year has been. Like many I had a plethora of plans to make the most out what the first/final year of the decade (depending on your point of view).

As has been the trend with countless individuals this year, there have been numerous personal events in my life (starting off terrible but eventually turning around) that led me to rest my cameras for a significant portion of this year.

Among an assortment of bad news, funerals, courses and promotions I found myself in a position that I hadn’t been in a long time. Having not gone for a shoot since I first started taking my photography seriously all the way back in 2012. This hiatus from my photography has helped in some ways. I’ve began to pivot back to my first photographic passion of black and white still lives.

With the exception of a great candid moment, this set is me blowing out the proverbial cobwebs. I hope you enjoy them and there are a few new sets in the pipeline so watch this space.

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