Dardanelles Pass/Leura Falls

For the first time in a long time I found myself in the true wilderness in the Blue Mountains. On previous occasions I’ve tried to keep away from the big tourist hotspots and the associated crowds but this time being in good company with a group of mates, felt it was a good opportunity to change things up.

This particular section of the Blue Mountains is hiding in plain sight. Located at the base of the Three Sisters/Echo Point in Katoomba the Daradanelles Pass track meanders along the escarpment upon which the towns of the Blue Mountains lie. The track develops into a fork where it can be followed as a loop or continues towards the neighboring suburb of Leura where a seemingly infinite waterfall can be found.

While the walk along the valley floor is relatively easy going the ascent and descent out of the valley can be testing. Whether you start with the near vertical progression of the Giant’s Staircase at Echo Point or the endless switchbacks up Leura Falls expect your stamina to be tested.

Nevertheless, if you want to go beyond the lofty sights that are offered by the Three Sisters/Scenic World in the Blue Mountains this hiking route is a great addition to your day trip that will give you a new perspective on a favourite attraction.

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